Wednesday, July 22, 2015

One Fish Two Fish

I just go with my gut when picking through items at the thrift store.

I transformed a different FISHY PRINT DRESS a while back, and didn't question my inner voice. 

Samezies with this one.

It was a bit drapey, and not in a good way. 

One fish, two fish
First thing I had to do was take off some of the heaviness at the bottom.

Then I needed to shape the waist. I cut 2 strips of elastic and sewed one in the front, and one in the back. The whole time I was sewing I was pulling the elastic taught so the fabric will gather when it's done.

 Not so pretty pinning....

...But the finished product was great!

I also sewed in some bust darts to give it more shape.

See 'em?

I liked the color and the print, so I decided to leave that part alone.

Kenny and I took the munchkin to day care/camp, and I finished up sewing this dress for our grown-ups only lunch date.

The hubs LOVES BBQ, and we decided to try this 
food truck near by.
It was really good!!!
(I am saying this from my heart, I was not paid to promote them)
HERE is their website if you're interested in checking 'em out!
We enjoyed it! 
I am not really a fan of potatoes at all in any form, but I really LOVED their potato salad. This was crazy for me, because potatoes are NOT my jam.

MMMMMM pulled pork!

Lunch selfie!
The dress goes great with BBQ!

Perfect lunch date with the hubs!

Then, later in the day, The dress was perfect for a pool cover-up!

You can check out the munchkin's cover up DIY HERE

See you next time!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

House Dress to Holiday Dress

House dress????
This was cute, but it needed something...

Pick, pick, come the sleeves!
It was raglan style, so it would be halter style with that funky collar.

I love this print!!

I sewed the raw edges down...and....

Now I'm ready to celebrate the 4th of July on a boat 
with my family in Westlake in California!!

Vacation dress!!

See you next time!