Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm Sorry for What I Said When I was Hungry

I get Hangry. 
Hungry + Angry= Hangry.
It was the perfect shirt for me.

My hubs gifted me the T-shirt as a Mother's Day gift. 
I love it, but I thought I would  jazz it up a bit.

I had some random knit fabric in my stash and decided to
 cut some sleeves from a free T-Shirt pattern I found on the "interwebs".
I thought the stripes would add a fun contrast.


Stripey collar instead! 

I layed it all out together and I was pleased with how it was all going to look.

I enjoyed a coffee beverage and binged watched my favorite-show-of the moment
 while I seam ripped those sleeves right off!

Buh-bye old sleeves.

I sewed it all back together with the new striped sleeves and collar. 

NOW I'm ready for LUNCH!!!

So cool!

Its a fun way to make your clothes your own.

Let me know if you alter some t-shirts too!

See you next time!