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Lousy Linen to Lovely Lady

This was a potato sack at it's finest. A simple boring black linen dress. It was screaming for me to help it! How could I pass it up?

I took it off and put this dress on inside out.  I had some tailor's chalk and marked my natural waist and the areas  where it was too big under my arms.
I took the dress in where it was too big, and cut off the excess.

Then, I took a piece of elastic and measured tightly around my waist, and sewed the ends together. Not too tight. Just comfortable enough to be able wear all day.

I put the elastic around the waist of the dress. (The dress is inside out) I pinned the elastic along my natural waist chalk line. Keep the elastic nice and even.
I sewed the top and bottom of the elastic using a zig-zag stitch and stretching the elastic as I sewed.

I flipped the dress right side out, and It looks like this!

This dress needed a little extra flair, and I had some trim in my drawer of scraps. So, I sewed this black and silver sparkly trim to the neckline.…