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Stayin' Alive

I found these two lovely articles of clothing at the thrift store. They were both in great condition. No stains or rips. They seemed fairly unused buuuuuut, the top was not so flattering, and the pants were a bit too big, and just the wrong cut for my body shape. 
Do I look like I belong in Saturday Night Fever?
That collar! Those white pants!

I started by chopping off those three quarter length cuffs and making it into a half sleeve.

The collar needed some chopping too!

I folded this fabric over twice and hemmed.  (It would be fray-city if I didn't)

The front of the top was too big and I decided to dart the front. I put the top on inside out, and pinched the extra fabric. Then I measured, pinned and sewed.

The white pants needed to become skinny pants.
I measured and pinned, and chopped and sewed.
I usually blog about all my success with a re-fashion. However, things happen. These white pants just didn't work out. I want to show my sewing successes and my creations, but I th…