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One Year!

One Year!! Holy moly!!  I can't believe it's been an entire year already since the start of this blog.   I still have a ton to learn about blogging, but I wanted to let all my family friends, and followers know how much I appreciate them, and how much support I feel every single time I post something new. Thank you so much! This blog all started when I started hand sewing a scarf, and  I  decided that I spend too much money on clothing, too often. This happened all at the same moment! That gave me the idea to challenge and dedicate myself to not buying any new-off-the-rack clothing for a year for me, for my husband, or my daughter. I would either make it myself, or find it at a thrift store. I can safely say that WE DID IT!!!! Thrift stores, resale shops, and grandparents, and Aunties, were the only way we could have gotten  through this past year! As a family we saved money, got a little greener, and overall feel really good about this decision. It was

Vintage Fabric Spring to Summer Dress.

     I have talked about this local store before called Moxie.  It is the most fantastic and wonderful store with new and vintage items, housewares, and kid stuff, vintage clothing and fabric. It's just the most amazing store. Unfortunately for us, the owner, Megan, is moving on to other things. I'm happy for her, but sad for me. I swear she didn't pay me to say this. I just love this store that much!  Megan has vintage fabric for sale. I found one...OK, four... but, the one I'm using right now is soft and luxurious. It's so 60's and Fantastic! Vintage and Gorgeous! It was love at first sight and it was 25% off!!!  Wahoo!!!  I follow this lovely blog called It's Always Autumn , and she had this free pattern for a T-Shirt. I knew it would be perfect to extend the length and make the cutest 60's dress. Measure and snip! Add a collar! Collars are awesome! I used the collar to create a make-shift facing for the back ne

Frilly Sleeves For Spring Dress

This is a Goodwill find, and it's been burning a hole in my closet. I haven't worn it because  I thought it was a little too boring.  I think I can fix that. I had this slip from Grams and the light bulb turned right on! Thanks Grams!!   I chopped the  pretty little lace trim right off! I chopped it at the seam and then again in half. I put a basting stitch across the top. I used #10.    Then I pulled one of the threads to cinch the fabric.  It looked just like a curtain being pushed on a curtain rod!  Splendid! Then I sewed the lace together like a ring,  and then I placed it inside out, on top of the inside out dress. I had the perfect match of navy thread from the sewing basket my M-I-L gave me!  Thanks Pinky!! Then the pinning began.... ...and stitching. I turned it right side out, and It was finished! A little touch  of lace makes this dress boring to  spring fabulous! Thank you to my stu

Calligraphy Art Teacher Dress

 I will be teaching my students calligraphy this week.  So, of course I wanted to create an outfit  to go along with my lesson.  I already have a calligraphy scarf a that I made a while back, and my good buddy and fellow blogger asked me to write a DIY(last April) for her blog about that scarf. Check it out the scarf  HERE   Cassie ROCKS!! She put the bloggin' bug in my ear, and here I am today! Thanks girl! I saw this fabric and HAD to have it! I busted out a pattern, and got to stitchin' But of course I sewed a sleeve on wrong... ...pick, pick, pick...and start again. Top part done. Skirt attached! I attempted to sew on a collar instead of a facing.  It kinda worked... I hemmed up the bottom, and now I'm all done! Ready to teach calligraphy, and SO ready for spring!! See you next time!