Friday, August 11, 2017

Quite Possibly My Greatest Challenge!

This beautiful princess dress from the 80's goes well with my messy kitchen.
I bought it for $6.00 at my local thrift store. It is more than I usually spend on something I didn't quite know what to do with, but I bought it anyway.

Bows, lace and blue satin! YES!

I picked apart the entire dress to see if it would inspire me.

That's a whole lotta fabric!

The sleeves themselves could have been another dress! OY!

I have a raglan sleeve t-shirt pattern that inspired me.

With all that sleeve fabric, it wasn't long enough, so I had to add some to the bottom.

I've also had this lion fabric for a while waiting for the perfect project, and this was it!
Can you tell what I'm using it for?

Pin, sew, repeat.

I attached a zipper, some navy knit fabric for the collar, cuffs and hem band. 

This is quite possibly my greatest challenge, and the one thing I'm so proud of myself for!

Lion fabric lining, and a bow topped inside pocket!!!!!!!!

I wore it out to dinner, and to the Speedway with my fam 
to watch a good friend race his car!

Please tell me what you think!
I can't wait to wear it again!

See you next time!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sweat Pants DIY Refashion

I have your typical wide leg 
ugly-sweatpants-that-you throw-on-30-seconds-after-you-get-home -from-work-pants. 
Oh c'mon, you know I'm not the only one that does this.....
Anyway, these pants needed a quick pick me up STAT!

These pants are too big, and bulky. I decided to give them some new life.

The first thing I did was put them on and I knew what I had to do!
I decided on a capri-type harem pant that I could lounge around in, clean the house, pay bills, pull weeds, work out....ok, probably just lounge around.

When I was wearing the pants, I made a small snip a couple inches higher than I wanted them to hit. 
I measured higher because I wanted to make cuffs from the leftover leg fabric.

Snippy snip!

These pants are super basic, and boring just as capris.
I decided to jazz them up a bit with a side stripe of ribbon I had in my stash.

I layed out the ribbon, cut a nice straight line, and literally glued it to the side seam.
I used fabric glue that can go in the wash.

I folded, trimmed, and sewed on the cuffs with cat fur and all....

And there you have it! Comfy cropped pants to lounge around in!

So comfy!

See you next time!