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Scarf Weather and a Wonderful Refashion

My lovely friend Tara was having a "Rugged Outdoors" Fall themed get together at her house last weekend. Naturally, I needed to find something rugged, and well....outdoorsy to wear. I scooped up my daughter and we headed to the thrift store! We found some plaid and flannel, and some plaid flannel. I thought to myself, "These will do the trick!"  Initially, I thought about wearing a plaid button down with leggings and boots, but it just didn't look right. Luckily, I bought a few shirts to choose from. In the pile of shirts there was a perfectly fitting one for the hubs, which was a bonus, and I decided to pair my outdoorsy outfit with made-from-flannel-shirts scarf!  This is how I did it:

Gotta start with some shirts...
I cut off the collar and sleeves.

I cut the collar and sleeves on this one too.
This left me with the front and back of both shirts. I realized it would be wayyyyy too long with 4 parts,  so I decided to take away one part. 
I trimmed up the edg…