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Bridget Riley Inspired Dress

I found this vintage bed sheet at an amazing local retail store that I love! Isn't it all kinds of awesome! This store has new clothing, bags, socks, kid stuff, vintage clothing, cards, jewelry, everything I love!

 They seem to have looked into my brain, because I love everything in that place!

 This store is called called Moxie. Unfortunately they are closing their doors  after the first of the year to take on other life adventures.... so sad, but I understand. Life goes on! Check out MOXIE !!! At least you can enjoy this wonderful store for a little bit longer!

As soon as I saw that sheet a lightbulb appeared over my head, and I purchased that sheet as fast as I could say OP ART!

I teach high school art, and I do a unit on POP, and OP art. This will be perfect for that unit. I have to turn it into some kind of clothing though. It would get very messy as a table cloth, and I don't think my administrators would appreciate my toga wrapping skills.

Here's a little info …

Wait....That bag is HOW MUCH?

My husband and I were meeting some besties (Kelly and Mike) for a lovely weekend lunch in the big city, and we decided to wander through Nordstrom since we were a bit early. I saw this cute clutch, and I thought "How adorable"! I picked it up, saw the price, and almost threw it across the mall like it was a bag o' poo on fire!
I'll get to the price in one second.... So cute! It looks like an owl right? Or possibly a "Skecksie"
                                                      This is a"Skecksie". (The Dark Crystal)
                                                Ya Know Jim Henson!!! Puppets!! I love it!!

I digress......

It's a real live Fendi bag. Can you see the price?
O.K.....lemme get closer
Can you see it now?
Uhhhhh... Skecksie say WHAT? 
I don't have that kinda dough to spend on a purse....though I love me some new bags!
If you have $2500.00 laying around, give it to me, and I'll make you a clutch even betttah! 

Art Teacher Dress No. 2!

I splurged and bought some fabric from a great fabric website a couple weeks ago.  I went to This website is amazing, it has fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap that's all customizable! One particular artist had a "Mona Lisa" print available! I couldn't pass it up. I'm an ART teacher AND my name is LISA!!!! Crazy!

I took the fabric into my beloved basement studio and got to work. I layed the fabric RSF (right side facing), and, nice and flat. Then I traced a free T-Shirt Pattern, but made it as long as the fabric would allow, snipped it out, and sewed it up!.

I decided to use red thread. Why? you might ask? Well... because I can. 
I sewed it all up with a twice rolled hem, so it would be sturdy. I've never worked with this kind  of knit before, and it was a bit tricky. I used my universal sewing machine needle, but I probably should have invested into a needle for knits. I will try that in the future. 

My students white and black char…

Gold and Black Dress

I scored this gold and black dress for $1.23 at the Goodwill 123 sale.
You just can't beat that price! The dress fit nicely, but it was UUUUUGGGLYY!

It came with a vest attached!
I saw this gold and black dress in a magazine, and its currently at Target via Altuzarra. I thought to myself..."Self, you can make something like that!"  I was also inspired by the textures on Adele's long sleeved number.

I cut that weird vest off and sewed the neck together. I thought it would make a cute 'dress up' vest for my kid. I was right! She immediately busted some killer dance moves. My hubs even got in on the dance action.

My kids got the moves! 

The length of this dress was awkward, to say the least. A much needed trim was in order! Snip! Trim! Hem it up!  This fabric is gauzy, stretchy, and very hard to work with.  Sewing up that bottom hem took close to forever!
I took that bottom scrap and tied it around my waist for a belt. The fabric has some nice stretch to i…

Stripey Tee to Hi-Lo Top

I've had this tee for a couple of years, and I hardly wear it. I knew that I had to make it into something FAB! After I saw the shirt sitting there, I knew what I needed to do.
Do you remember this dress? If you don't you can check it out HERE.

I still had the bottom scrap from that dress. It was enough fabric to create little sleeves, and attach a HI-LO bottom.
I got to work trimming enough fabric for the little sleeve additions, and cutting the bottom for that Hi-Lo effect.  Cut!
I pinned it all together and sewed it all up!
Side note: I ended up sewing the bottom three times. I sewed it on the wrong side, then I didn't stretch the t-shirt fabric enough. Third time's the charm! I finally got it right. Whew! 

New and improved T-Shirt!
Welcome to my Art room!!!

I got a little chilly. Add a scarf!