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Vacay T-shirt and Shirt Dress Refash

Got a plain black T? Make it fancy by embroidering some letters or pictures on it!

I picked my word: RESFEBER Definition: The restless race of the traveler's heart before the journey begins. We are planning a summer trip, and I'm gearing up for just a carry on for the plane!  No time for baggage claim!  But I gotta be stylish ya know?
I measured out how big I wanted the letters to be and  sectioned them off in equal parts with some chalk.

Let the stitching begin!
I did a basic chain stitch for all the letters.  This is when the thread is doubled and you stitch up through the middle  of the previous stitch creating a "chain" look.

I'm ready to go! I really like the way the v-neck highlights the placement of the word. The white embroidery thread adds a nice contrast, but you could do all the colors!

 Next up: Craft Party
I try to get my friends to craft with me a couple times a year. I don't even have to bribe them with food or drinks!
We are making lavender filled s…