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Quick and Quirky DIY

I love clothes with eyeballs.
I think it's totally cool.
I think it's quirky.
I think it's fun!

I had a plain good ol' white T-shirt, and I found some eyeball patches at the local everything store.
One of the eyes I used on a t-shirt project for my daughter, so I was left with 2.5 sets of eyes.

Here's lookin' at you kid!

They are a bit sticky on the back. This was a good thing because I could place the patches where I wanted and they wouldn't move.

I sewed them on around the neckline and POOF! Now it is a waaaayyyyy cooler t-shirt!

I paired it with the black track pants I sewed a while back,  and I was ready to watch my kid at her swim lessons!

So quick and easy! See you next time!

Secret Agent to Spiffy Outerwear

Thrift store find.  It was linen.  That's all this really had going for it. My husband helped me out with my "before" pics right before I headed out to work out... ....well, that was a mouthful. 
YUCK! This linen sits weird. This linen looks weird. It's just YUCK!

It needed a good snip, so that's what I gave it! I cut it right above the pockets. I cut the sleeves to a 3/4 sleeve length too. 

Snippy Snip!

That's really all I did. Then I washed it....... A HA!!!!!!
After I washed it, the jacket frayed at the edges from where I gave it a snip.  I LOVED it!!!!
I decided I wanted to change the color of my new jacket somehow. But, how? What dye should I use? What color will be nice?  There were so many decisions to consider. I decided that the jacket screamed to be a light wash denim look.
GRAB THE BLEACH!!!! Ok...It wasnt the light wash denim look....but...
Low and behold it sorta turned ORANGEY!!! I love it even MORE!!!
I sewed a straight stitch above each…