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Forever Plaid

My husband's old shirt has been claimed by the  refashioning crazy lady....ME!
I chopped it right under the armpits.

I rolled it twice, and sewed up the edge.

Hem, hem, hem. I love the inside, don't you?
You can wear it as is. Long and drapey....
or... fold it, and pin it with some vintage pins.  (The pins were a gift from the hubs.)

So cute! Their heads move!!!

Remember yesterday when I told you it was FFA week? Check out yesterday's blog HERE.
Well,today just happens to be the last day of FFA week,  and it's FLANNEL FRIDAY!!
Who better to pose for my "after" pic with, than my fabulous friend and librarian Tara! (With cats of course)

See you next time!

Navy Dress with Bleached Doily

Great thrift store find!  A  total staple, navy T-shirt dress. But, it was a little boring. I definitely had to take out those shoulder pads! They were pretty big!
 It might be time to make more shoulder pad cat toys! Check out the cat toys HERE.

I bought those paper doilies, and placed them toward the bottom of the dress. I had the idea to spray bleach over the doilies  to create a subtle texture.

Spray, Spray, Spray....
I lifted off the doilies and rinsed out the bleach. I washed and dried the dress, and it was ready to wear. Not bad, and not super boring anymore!

It just so happens to be FFA week, and today is  FFA color day! BLUE and GOLD! For those of you that don't know what FFA is, it's an amazing school age group that promotes Agricultural Education and how important it is!!!!!  (I grew up in  the heart of the city of Chicago and had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what that was when I started  teaching here....ahem....15 years ago.)  I'm so glad I know about it now.

I threw on a yellow-gold leathe…

Dr. Seuss Birthday: Skirt Edition

My beautiful daughter decided she wants to have a Dr. Seuss birthday to mark her 5 years on the planet. So I got to brainstormin'
 Olivia's outfit priority: SKIRT!
I purchased some Dr. Seuss fabric online, and some thick wide elastic.
Elastic is Fantastic!

Dr. Seuss, and pink! Best combo for my kid!
I sewed the elastic together  in a circle after I measured around her waist. I wanted it to fit comfortably, and have a bit of growing room, so I didn't make it too tight.  Sew the fabric together in a circle as well, like a tube. 

Then I pinned the  tube of fabric to the outside of the elastic, at the top, and inside out. Stretch the elastic as you pin the fabric, so it gathers when you let it go...."let it gooooo let it goooooo..." ("Frozen" joke, could't resist.)
Sew with a zig zag stitch so it can streeeeettttch!

Can you see how it will look when you flip it right side out?

OK! Yay! 
 I trimmed off the bottom with my pinking shears, so there will be…

Sweater to Scarf and Boot Socks

Since we had a snow day yesterday (about 14 inches of snow), and our little family decided to do a closet clean up. We decided to clean out some clothes and toys in our closets. I managed to purge an entire garbage bag of clothing to donate, and so did my hubs, Kenny. Our sweet little pumpkin filled a bucket of toys she doesn't play with anymore to donate as well!
Kenny had this sweater in the pile. I loved the chunky knit, and the olive green color! Our new furry baby "Sally" liked it too! 
Check out that sweet chunky-ness!
I hoarded... uhh...I mean brought the sweater down to my  basement studio and chopped it in two, just below the armpits. The bottom portion is going to be my new chunky infinity scarf. Since Kenny cleaned out a few things in our closet, I figured there would be room for me to put back one more item :)

Then I chopped off the sleeves.

Then I chopped the sleeves to about 7 inches, with the cuffs attached. These will be my new boot socks!

I rolled up th…