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Shoulder Pad Plushie!

Do you remember this?  Do you remember that it had shoulder pads? If you would like to check out the entire refashion of this top, you can do it HERE
I took those shoulder pads and some extra fabric from a furry scarf, and they were a perfect combo for a Momma-made stuffed animal.
I traced out a shape, cut it out and sewed the ears on (inside out of course). I've never made anything like this before, so we will see what happens.
Here lies the flat teddy
Check out his cute shoulder pad ears!!!

I found a couple black buttons, a bow, and tried my hand at an embroidery floss face. Stuffed it with fluff...and...
Voila! Cute little face, but I must work on a better body next time. Its a mouse. Uhmmm. Hopefully my daughter will love it for a New Year's Plushie! She will let me know what animal this is.... I'm glad I could use my leftover scraps, and turn it into something.
I'll let you know how it goes.... See you next time!

Sweatshirt to Cardigan

This one's a long one....
I found a white sweatshirt at the local thrift store. It was brand new. It still had the sticker down the front. You know, the kind with the size on it that repeats all the way down.
L Like that  ^                 It was just too plain to leave alone. I needed to rescue it from it's drab lifestyle, and turn it into something cool and artsy. I decided to tie the sleeves in knots, and dye it blue.
Sleeve knot torture above.
This is how it came out.
Seems like your everyday run of the mill tie-dye top.  Better, but still too boring.
I knotted the sleeves back up, and poured some taupe, and red wine dye in various places. It definitely needed MORE COLORS! That's better.
 I cut it up the front, and off center because I wanted the closure to be asymmetrical.
I put the sweatshirt on, and I marked little X's where my elbows were.
I'm getting ready to put on some sweet elbow patches!!!
Little "X" marks the spot!
I had some da…

Fishy Flower Print Dress

This thrifted number was calling to me. I'm not sure why it called to me, but I don't question my inner voice anymore. So I bought it for $2.00
Fishy flower
This summery dress has thick knit fabric with a tiny bit of stretch. I'm holding it, because it was a tad bit tight.

I'm strangely attracted to this print.

When I mentioned that the fabric had a bit of stretch I wasn't talking about the empire waistline. It had NO STRETCH WHATSOEVER!!!! When I had it on it felt like it was strangling me!
I thought this would be more dramatic in black and white.
No stretch!
I knew what to do. First, I chopped the dress right at that no-stretch empire seam!

I noticed two big side slits at the bottom, which leads me to believe that in a past life this dress was a pool cover-up or something? But the fabric is thick...very curious.

I chopped off the seam that was causing all my anti-stretch problems! I swear you could tow a car with this thing! Goodbye "ro…

Floral Frock: Two Projects- One Dress!

Look at this floral beauty I found! It's warm, cozy, and screaming for a makeover! I want a cute dress to wear that's warm and cozy (I'm all about comfy) and I think this will be perfect!
Are those shoulder pads or pillows? Cheesin' for the camera!
I took out those huge pads! They were really thick!
I decided the print was too pretty to waste those pads, so I decided to make a little jewelry pouch. I sewed them together with the flat side still open.
I flipped it right side out. I sewed on a button, and the hanger strap for a closure.
All sewed on, and ready to protect some jewelry.
Update: This pouch never made it to my jewelry box. My daughter claimed it as her own, and it has disappeared into the abyss of a 4 year old's room!
O.K. back to the dress: It was too long so I snipped off the bottom heavy flannel flowers.  (Say that 5 times fast) Bottom heavy flannel flowers  Bottom heavy flannel flowers  Bottom heavy flannel flowers Bottom  heavy flannel flowers Bott…