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Did Ya Miss Me?

Did ya miss me???

I have been slacking in the blogging department, but I plan on keeping you updated with all the creations that have been going on this past month. It has been a busy few weeks!
My master's classess are in full swing, I flew out to L.A. for my brother's wedding, don't forget about Valentine's day, teaching full time , and being a wife and Momma!
Here's what I have been up to:

I'm doing that thing again again! That thing about not purchasing off the rack new clothes! Anything I need or my family needs we will find at the thrift store, or I will make it! There are 2 exceptions: Underwear (because no one wants used undies...ew.) and gifts.
I have done well so far, 2 trips to the thrift store since the new year. I have found some great items.
like this:

I have been hard at work snipping and working on this one.  I hope to show you what I have accomplished soon.
I flew out to L.A. for my brother's wedding and I gave myself the challenge of making …