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100 Days of school!

My daughter's pre-school celebrated the 100th day of school this week. They were each asked to bring in a baggie of 100 pieces of "something". Cheerios, feathers, cottonballs...etc. We decided on popcorn kernels. 100 kernels looks like a lot less than you might think. We counted them out by 10's and we dropped em' in a bag. 10, 20, 30, 40....
I wanted her to have something fun to wear for the 100th day of school to go along with their 100 day theme party.
Olivia already had this shirt in her closet. It fit, but it was a little bit too short.
Hand on hip, ready for her "before" pic.
I have this amazing pink silky satiny fabric from Grams, and I cut off about 5 inches. I cut a piece about 4 or 5 inches wider than the bottom of the shirt.

I connected to sides of the pink fabric and sewed that up, then turned the pink fabric inside out against the bottom of the shirt. I stretched the shirt and pinned, as I stretched.
Sew it all up and flip it down to expos…

Purple Dress Pulled Out Of The Closet

I love vintage dresses! I've had this dress in my closet for a couple years now, and worn it a handful of times, but it just wasn't the best it could be. I thought, "Why not look to my closet to make my existing clothes better?" Now that I have been sewing for 9 months now, I knew I could handle this mini-refashion

Cute dress, just a bit too long. I love the chevron detail on the front. I rolled the hem up twice, pinned it and sewed my new hem. Much more flattering!
I paired it with a complementary color scarf, a belt that Grams gave me, some leggings and boots, and I was ready to go!
Not a huge change, but more flattering to say the least!
See you next time!

Frumpy to Fabulous Red

My girlfriend Tara and I went to our local thrift store yesterday to check out the latest frocks, and I found this red number. It had my top three checklist items. No stains. Comfy. Workable. I also like fun prints but  I was in the market for a staple in my closet.
This dress just wouldn't do.

First things first.  Snip out those shoulder pads.

Q:Will I EVER wear shoulder pads? A: When pigs fly!!!!

It must have originally had a belt, but alas, no belt with it.
I know just the fix.
Built in belt loops already in place!

I wanted to wear it to work today, so last night after my 4 year old's bed time, I got to work. I snipped off about 4 inches or so from the bottom.  I used that bottom scrap as a belt! (It already had the loops) I hemmed it all up, and it was ready to go!
No more Frump!
P.S. In April will be a whole year that I have not purchased off the rack clothing. I feel really good about saving money, and going a little greener. I might just continue this.  By the way: I s…

Snow Day Snuggles!

HOORAY! It's a snow day! Errr...COLD DAY! Wind chill temps here got to -35! Yup! That's BELOW ZERO PEOPLE! What a great day to finish up a snuggle blanket that was in the wings waiting to be finished. I took Olivia to the fabric store, and told her she could pick any 2 snuggle fabrics she wanted for a new blanket. She picked these: Pretty loud, but they match! Go Girl!
I started with the fabrics right sides facing, and pinned it all around the edges. The fabrics have different stretch, so  I had to be careful of that.

I got my sewing machine moving, but I left a gap of about 4 inches.
 See the gap below?
I turned the fabrics right side out through the gap, and hand stitched the gap closed with an invisible zig zaggy stitch.
All done, and ready for indoor snow day play  with tons of blankets, sheets, dollies, fake tattoos, and FUN! (My house usually isn't this messy)
Comfy enough to take a floor nap!
I had just enough of the striped fabric left to make Olivia a scarf,  whi…

Plushie Update!!

I am pleased to introduce "Flower Heart Lovie" The Panda-Seal
I asked her what kind of animal it was, because, well... I wasn't quite sure myself. When she said "A Panda...Seal....a Panda-Seal Momma!" I replied "Yes Honey! Yes it is!" Look at the joy on that kid's face! She LOVED it!
Good night my sweet girl!
See you next time!