Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shibori, Needle Felting, and Food Poisoning...OH MY!

     This year on March 17&18th I had the privilege of attending the National Art Education Convention for art teachers across the country. There were about 4700 art teachers in one place at one time! It was just amazing that NAEA was held in Chicago this year so I could easily attend. ComiCon was there about a creative happening!! So Amazing!!!

This year, I signed up for 2 workshops on Thursday that caught my attention. The first one was a Japanese Shibhori fabric dyeing class. We talked about how there is so much "waste fashion" in the world, and how much clothing really does go into the landfills. It was eye opening!!!

This workshop really hit home and I was so thankful that I had started another year of not buying new clothing. I CAN"T say that I will NEVER buy off the rack again, but I will definitely think more closely about where my clothing comes from.

Here are some pictures of the wonderful technique we were introduced to:

Practice that folding before you commit!

Wrap, fold, clip!


C'mon Dip!

Say hi to my new friend JUDY!!!!

Dip baby dip!

Sweet Judy with her shibori folded masterpiece!

Say hi to another Shibori master: My new friend! McCALL!!! 

Please check out her YouTube channel from Mr. Otter Studios, THIS video is one of my favorites! I show it to my beginning painting students!!! They absolutely love it! She is part of my curriculum just by chance and whadya know... I got to sit right next to her at the shibori class!! 
Small world I tell ya! 
I made my own Shibori dyed fabric. I think I'll make something for my daughter...I'll let ya know.
I loved that technique and I can't wait to teach my students!

Next Workshop: Needle Felting with the magnificent Cassie Stephens

 Cassie is my super duper talented bloggin' buddy and my homie! She rules the art teacher blogging world, and I highly recommend you check out her world! Right HERE!

Here are some pics from my adventures in needle felting:

I mean really! 
Who else can pull off a Warhol inspired soup can dress AND hat to match...
 That SHE MADE of course!!!
This lady that's who!!!

She showed us some needle felted creations of her own.

This was a  super talented buncha teachers!

Cassie gave us all aprons to felt, but since I'm sort of a rebel, I decided to felt my own coat!!

Whadya think?!

Not too shabby a view from lakeside McCormick Place!

Next up: Dinner with more Art Teacher buddies
(Little did we know what was in store for us...)

Dinner selfie with Kathy!

That pretty much sums up my Thursday at the conference because after this cute selfie with Kathy, at a pretty-well-known steak house that has a pretty-well-known GRILL logo gave us ALL food poisoning!! It was the LETTUCE!!!!! Ewwwwww! 
I don't think I'll be going back there any time soon.

Some of us rallied and were able to attend a few of the workshops on Friday. I however yakked my guts out at McCormick Place and had to head back to the hotel. 
I never would have made it if it weren't for Kathy! 
A million times thank you!!!!
I owe ya one girlie!

See you next time!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chef to Chic

Here's a quick re-fashion:
This top was given to me from the stash of the lovely Bonnie

I look a bit like a chef though.

Have no fear, dolman sleeves are near!

I trimmed some of the side fabric in a curvy swoop with my pinking roller.

To make sure the sides are the same, I folded the shirt in half, and rolled the other side.

I sewed up the seams on the inside. 
Now, the fit is more flattering, 
There's nothing quite like a crisp white shirt that
 can be paired with anything!

Thank you Bonnie!!!

See you next time!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'm a 90's Chick!

I've been working on this one on and off for weeks now. I finally finished it, and I wanted to show you what I accomplished.

This was a $2.00 score! It really doesn't get much better than that!

This fabric was so soft! It was in great condition! Buttons up the back, weird side ties. Droopy arm holes.

Right up my alley!

I then realized I was wearing it backwards! The buttons were supposed to be down the front. 
Oh well, I like it better this way anyhow.

Did I mention this has pockets????

I took up the shoulders about 2 inches.
 I Stitched those shoulders, then snipped off the extra fabric.
That made the arm pit droopiness considerably better!

It needed some length taken off the bottom too, so that got a snip, (about 7 inches of snip!)
 Those goofy side ties came off too.
Snip! Pick!

With the seven inch bottom scrap, I fashioned a kind-of-sort-of-sleeve from a dress pattern.
It didn't quite fit the pattern, but I did what I could.

I sewed the sleeves onto the dress, and they were more like
 cap sleeves, but that will do just fine.

There was still too much of the frumpiness, so I needed to take the dress in at the sides a bit more.
I was worried about losing the pockets, because a girl's gotta have her phone ya know?

I pushed on.....

To be honest, this dress sat for about a week because I was frustrated about the pocket situation. 

I decided to leave the bottom of the dress alone, but then
 I took in the bust area about another inch on each side.

I used a dress that fits well to roughly measure the distance to take in.

I kept the pockets!!

I threw on a belt and some black boots, and I was ready for the day! 
My peanut took my after pics for me! 
She's getting good at it!

Much better If I do say so!

See you next time!