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Batik Beauty

I haven't posted here in a while. I do apologize for that but, I've been very busy gettin' my masters degree and being the summer school coordinator/internship for a month. I hope you forgive me?
This beautiful dress refashion will make up for it. 
I found THE best batik print dress a few months back at Goodwill, and I had to have it!  Alas, the top of the dress was too tight, and the style of the dress was just eh. I was inspired by my friend Leslie and I decided to turn it into a lovely skirt.
Here's how I did it:
I figured out where the skirt fit me with a little wiggle room, and I made a little chalk mark on the inside.

Look at that gorgeous print!

Then I gave it a good chop following the same curve of the bottom hem.

I measured a piece of wide black elastic that fit snuggly but comfortably around my waist.

I overlapped and sewed with a zig zag to secure the elastic in a circle. 

I turned the elastic along the outside of the skirt and stretched the elastic ti…