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Studio Trashed to Re-Fashed

I am so grateful to have this amazing space in my basement to create, sew, paint, nap ( Ha! Nap! Wishful thinking), whatever my heart desires, but it has become overwhelmed with STUFF!  All stuff I need mind you...but I think it might be time for a studio-refashion!

Look at this mess!
More mess. I have a chandelier in my studio,  thanks to my Sister- in-Law and Bro-in-Law  updating their dining room. Recycle all the way baby! 
 I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of art....there's worse things for sure!

My In-Laws had their kitchen upgraded, and they had a few extra cabinets left over. 
They are super awesome, and let me have them for my studio! Wahoo! STORAGE!!!!  
The hubs and I hung them up over spring break. That was hilarious because neither of us really knew what to do. We did it though! And no fighting believe it or not! 
A little rearranging. A bit of organization, and Voila! Still messy, but a huge improvement!

See you next time!

Starry Night Dress

My husband bought me this amazing fabric from SPOONFLOWER Kevin Likes it too!
He knows just the path to my heart...fabric!