Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Studio Trashed to Re-Fashed

I am so grateful to have this amazing space in my basement to create, sew, paint, nap ( Ha! Nap! Wishful thinking), whatever my heart desires, but it has become overwhelmed with STUFF!  All stuff I need mind you...but I think it might be time for a studio-refashion!

Look at this mess!

More mess.
 I have a chandelier in my studio,
 thanks to my Sister- in-Law and Bro-in-Law 
updating their dining room. Recycle all the way baby! 

 I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of art....there's worse things for sure!

My In-Laws had their kitchen upgraded, and they had a few extra cabinets left over. 
They are super awesome, and let me have them for my studio! Wahoo! STORAGE!!!!  
The hubs and I hung them up over spring break. That was hilarious because neither of us really knew what to do. We did it though! And no fighting believe it or not! 
A little rearranging. A bit of organization, and Voila!
Still messy, but a huge improvement!

See you next time!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Starry Night Dress

My husband bought me this amazing fabric from SPOONFLOWER
Kevin Likes it too!

He knows just the path to my heart...fabric! 

 I have had this  vintage dress in my closet for a while. It's just a wee bit too small in the hips.
(Story of my life)

Check out those buttons!
Complete with cat hair and all!

Such a pretty button!

I decided to combine these two beauties into one!
I started by picking apart the black dress at the waist.
Pick, Pick, Pick...and one episode of Downton Abbey.

I cut the fabric from a skirt portion of a pattern I had layin' around, and extended the length to a maxi dress. I measured 39 inches just to be safe, but I'm a shortie, and I had to trim off a bit of excess.

Right sides facing, and I sewed the sides together like so.

The pattern called for some flattering tummy hiding pleats, so I sewed a basting stitch just to hold it all together.

I put the top half of the severed dress into the new Starry Night skirt, and pinned, and sewed.

Flipped the skirt down to reveal my new dress!!!

It was the perfect dress to wear to my book club dinner. 


Good night kisses from my pookie!

Whatdya think?

Thanks for always taking my "after" pics Kenny!

It's always a hoot with my fabulous book club girls.

 This time we reserved the fancy "Wine Room" at a wonderful local restaurant. I was too busy laughing and eating with my homies, and I forgot to take more pics. Thank you Tara for taking some sweet shots!
(Photos that is!)

See you next time?

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