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Thats Meowtastic!!!

Blue Cat and Hearts Tunic Top I came across this nightshirt lookin' thing. My Husband said I look like I escaped from the hospital! Ha! I guess I do a bit.... I cut off the sleeves, and made new ones. Then I added an elastic waist, and YAY! I have a cool cat print tunic top                                                             Isn't the fabric so cute???                                                          Belt it up and ready to go!!!!!

Prada Sunglasses Re-Fashion

Warm sunny days are upon us and the magazines are in full swing with ads for sunglasses. I saw a blingy pair of Prada sunnies that I loved, but who really has 5 HUNDO to spend on that!
I love these!
THEN........I remembered I had a pair of freebee red sunnies! (They were being given out for a promo for a phone company.) I found em!
I found some random gems in my craft room/studio, and I got to gluing! I used E6000 glue to make sure that bling stays put!  (make sure you have some ventilation, that stuff is STINKY!) Glue, Glue, Glue.....

.................And Just as cool! and they were FREE!!!! (tried to give my blue steel model face!)

Book Club

Met up with the girls last night for my book club. (Nerd and proud!) We had the most delicious Mediterranean food at a local joint! It was baba-licious! I dove in to my shawarma sandwich and paired it with hummus and tabouli. I don't have a pic of the sandwich, because I ate it before I remembered to take a pic!

If you've never had Mediterranean food. Go get some. You won't be sorry.

Peplum 80's Re-Fashion

This shoulder pad stuffed 80's top was screaming for an update!
So the next thing I did was snip out those puffy puppies! (I have plans for these...keep on the lookout)
Next, I cut off the sleeves and sewed the scraggly hem I created on the armholes.
YAY! New summer peplum top!

No new clothes for a year!

My husband and I decided that we would go a little greener. We are not going to purchase any new clothes for a year. (Gifts are ok, how could we say no to The grandparents when they want to buy our little girl some cute outfits!)  we will only buy resale items to lessen our footprint on the earth. Who knows? Maybe this will become a permanent habit.

 We started yesterday, far so good! ( I'll keep you posted)

I have recently learned how to sew a straight line with my sewing machine, so I'm hoping to alter and refashion a bunch of clothes! Shopping at resale stores are more fun and interesting, to find the beautiful frocks that people once loved! I love the hunt!

Hi! And Welcome to the blog!

My Name is Lisa and I am a Mom, teacher, artist, crafter, foodie, and I like to paint, draw and sew. I'm so glad you are taking a look at my blog. It's a new experience for me, and it think this will be a fun and exciting journey through the arts and food? ....and who doesn't love arts and food?