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Guy and Ghouls Go Out to Dinner

     I ordered this awesome cat fabric,(Above)  but I got this fabric by accident (below).  So, as any good online-shopper does, I sent it back to receive the correct one. But.....the cat fabric must have been labeled wrong in the warehouse, because I got this one... AGAIN! I took it as a sign, and just kept it. (Or maybe it was just laziness.) I still might try to order that cat fabric again, 'cuz I lub it! This one is pretty cool too! And perfect for Halloween! Super cool close-up! I had this tank top that I never wear. It has mini ruffles around the edges, and it sat dormant in my drawer for over a year. I snipped the tank just below my waist. This will be the top part of my new ghoulish dress. CHOP! I used the skirt portion of a dress pattern I had, cut out the skirt and  sewed the fabric to the tank top, hemmed it up, and voila! I used the rest of the fabric to make an awesome dress for my girl. I found this  free dress pattern from an ama

Palette shelf DIY

          So, I found these palettes, and I wanted to get crafty with em'. And when I say found... I mean scavenged, and offered extra credit  to any of my students who could get one and bring it to me. I recieved 2! Awesome!! I cut off the bottom part of the gray-ish  palette.  A couple of my students helped me during study hall.  Better than physics homework I guess? :)   That made a sort-of-shelf with no bottom,  so I took off another plank from the side and crudely nailed it to what is now the bottom. Ta Da! I borrowed my friend Mandi's electric sander  (She's the physics teacher... shhhh.),  and smoothed out those rough spots. The bottom plank is really crudely nailed in,  but it is secure, and safe!   I liked the rough and rustic-ness of it. Thank you for your electric sander Mandi! Then, I sealed it with a low odor clear coat varnish. I loved the way the wood looked after it was sealed. It really brought out the

Photo Tunic Dress

     I have been teaching beginning digital photography for a couple of years now. We are learning about macro (close-up) photography. I have also found a great website that can turn any digital photo or drawing into fabric! (I have talked about before) I combined those two loves, and bought one yard of fabric with a photo taken by yours truly!!!  Check it out HERE !      I was ecstatic to get the fabric, and I couldn't wait to get started! I created this dress the same way I made the Mona Lisa  dress. My photo is of some oil pastels in a bowl in my classroom. I traced a free t-shirt pattern I found online, and I just extended the length  as far as the one yard would let me. I used light blue thread on the sleeves. I like the way contrasting thread colors look. I used my seam gauge for the sleeves and neckline to make sure I was  getting everything even-Steven. And there you have it!  O.K. it's 7:15 a.m. and I'm rea