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Happy Little Dress : A Tribute to Bob Ross

Here is my tribute to him.... Robert Norman Ross (1942-1995) American Painter, Art Instructor, and he created his own television show.
If you don't know who he is, please look up his show on You Tube. Episodes of his "Joy of Painting" will be there for your relaxing enjoyment.

I found this dress at Goodwill and it was falling apart at the neck seam, but that was all that was wrong. I knew I could do something to turn it into a better piece of clothing.

This was a T-shirt from Wal-Mart a while back.
I chopped the neck.

I picked off those sleeves.
I chopped the tee just below my natural waist.
 I picked the sleeves and skirt off of the dress.

I re-attached The dress sleeves and skirt beck to the tee. I also used black bias tape to make a new neckline for my Tee-dress. What do you think??? Happy Little Dress!!!

See you next time!