Monday, February 22, 2016

Did Ya Miss Me?

Did ya miss me???

I have been slacking in the blogging department, but I plan on keeping you updated with all the creations that have been going on this past month. It has been a busy few weeks!
My master's classess are in full swing, I flew out to L.A. for my brother's wedding, don't forget about Valentine's day, teaching full time , and being a wife and Momma!
Here's what I have been up to:

I'm doing that thing again again! That thing about not purchasing off the rack new clothes! Anything I need or my family needs we will find at the thrift store, or I will make it! There are 2 exceptions: Underwear (because no one wants used undies...ew.) and gifts.
I have done well so far, 2 trips to the thrift store since the new year. I have found some great items.
like this:

I have been hard at work snipping and working on this one.
 I hope to show you what I have accomplished soon.

I flew out to L.A. for my brother's wedding and I gave myself the challenge of making my dress! 

It is the same pattern I used for THIS dress.
 I went to the fabric store and used a gift card that I 
recieved for Christmas from my Mother-in-Law! She Rocks! 
My brother wanted people in solid colors including navy blue, so I found this great non-wrinkling fabric and bought a couple yards!

Here's how it turned out!
Selfie with the finished product in the cold weather... 

With my niece and nephew the day of the wedding in gorgeous 88 degree weather!

Pic with my other niece!
Isn't my family just gorgeous!!!

Picture Credit to my new friend Travis, that I met at the wedding. 

I flew home on Valentine's Day and I didn't get home until really late! 
Before I left, I made my kid a fun heart pillow from a blanket that I thrifted a while back.
 It was waiting for her when she woke up while I was gone.

She was much happier to receive this pillow I swear!

See you next time!!