Tuesday, May 13, 2014

11 Months, 7Days, 15 hours.....

11 Months, 7 days, about 15 hours...... until I can buy new clothes.

 (Think of all the cash money I'll save)

 I think this is getting harder because the season is changing, and BECAUSE I CAN"T. ( I have an issue with people telling me I can't do something), but I told MYSELF this one.

 Luckily, Goodwill is having a 123 sale. All clothing is $1.23! YES!!! I can find some new-to-me clothes to re-fashion and all will be right with the world.
Find a Goodwill 123 sale in your area HERE.

 I'm finding things in my closet to change around and turn into amazing new stuff too. Pictures coming soon.

Resale hunting I go!

I satisfied my need to outfit my daughter in the latest fashion, from a huge resale extravaganza! (Leg not included) So my girl is set for summer! (I only spent $40 bucks!)