Friday, May 22, 2015

Graduation Gown not just for Graduates Anymore

This discarded, and loved-no-more graduation gown was calling to me from the thrift store rack. It was perfect for this time of year when teachers say goodbye tearfully to some, and not-so-tearfully to others. 
But we love them all anyway.


 Over here! 
Buy me and give me a new life!!

So I did.

Sally liked the dress much better once I picked off those sleeves! She thought it was a perfect resting spot.

I chopped the bottom a bit, folded it twice because it was fray-fray-central, and I hemmed it all up. 

I could use the chopped off bottom piece as a belt 
or use an existing one. 


The dress is all white so this time,
I decided to go with a darker brown belt,
 and some metallic sandals.

Congrats and good luck
 to all the 2015 graduates! 

I'm ready for the ceremony!

See you next time!