Thursday, May 1, 2014

Once was old is new again!

So I had this old purple summer dress that I was sick of, but somehow couldn't bring myself to give it away. So it sat and sat and sat in my closet until one day my coworker Gina was wearing a beautiful color blocked maxi dress that I just adored and had to have!!!!
....Then I remembered that I am not buying any new clothes for a WHOLE YEAR! (It's only been 2 weeks and its harder than I thought)
O.K. I can work with this.
I know! I can add some fabric to the bottom of that boring purple number, and turn it into something fab!
                                    And so it begins......(Thanks for the inspiration GINA!!)
Boring and drab.
Next to pin a bit of color...I had some scrap fabric.
 sew sew sew...
Hem it all up... and I made a little rosette on the right side too!
                       Drab to Fab! (Please excuse the wet before work hair, an no make-up)
Best part is, it didn't cost me a thing!!!