Saturday, May 24, 2014

Purse with a New Purpose

I found this cute little purse at the SA for about $2.00. I brought it home. Looked at it, and felt it needed something else. It was boring. I need to spice up my handbag selection.
 I am in the market for a wristlet that can actually hold more than 3 quarters, and a stick of gum so I snipped off the handle, and all it's findings, and got to work.
See. All clear.

Then I re-attached the clasp to the zipper.
Like so.....
Then I threaded the handle through the clasp and tied a knot big enough for my wrist to fit comfortably. I snipped off any extra.

Tie the knot!

The purse had these metal bendy things as decoration, so I bent them back around the end of the snipped edges to create a finished look.

My Grandma gave me these rad gold and white vintage buttons. I thought they would be perfect to add a little flair to this navy beauty.
I started hand sewing them on.
Close up.
My Favorite one!
All Done!

I think it looks much better. Whadya think?