Sunday, August 24, 2014

Men's Tunic to Women's Cuteness

Here's another thrifty find. This tunic was soft, and comfortable, but reminiscent of a 1950's slumber party.
A bit nightgown-y.

I look like I just woke up.

Hello there!
Trying to take these pictures by myself is becoming a challenge. I'll have to work on that!

I knew I wanted this to be a dress, but I didn't like the length very much.
(Furry cat feet pointing o the extra fabric.)

The collar was too stifling, and it wasn't flattering the way I had envisioned.
OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Uh...I mean collar!
Hem it up!

I picked off those sleeves, and gave 'em a trim, shortened, and took in the shoulders, and re-attached the sleeves. That was a bit more work than I wanted, but I knew this had a cute frock inside it somewhere.

The sleeves were still longer than I wanted.
Snip Snip, and trim off some more!

I just need to hem up those sleeves.

I hemmed those sleeves, but it still wasn't working....
 My husband Kenny said it might be a bust, but he knows... I MUST CARRY ON!
So I dyed it green.
I thought if I deepened the color it would look less like a night/hospital gown.

I threw on a belt and shoes, and we went out for breakfast!

Much improved shirtdress!