Friday, August 15, 2014

Teacher dress!

Since I've been refashioning all of these wonderful things, I decided to try my hand at a real pattern! I found a freebee at and I went to work!
 I wanted this dress to say: "I don't match and I don't care because I'm an art teacher!"
I think I nailed it!
 I found some fabric at Joanne fabrics and I chose the fabrics that I liked. I didn't pay too much attention to matchy matchy. I chose apples (teacher, duh!), and crayons, and kitty cats. I liked them all, and couldn't decide. So I got a yard of each!
It took longer than expected to sew this puppy together, but it really was a labor of love.
 (Thank you to my dear friend, and the High School librarian, Tara, for taking these pics.)

The Back!

Close up of crayons and sewing kitties....yes the kitties are sewing.
I had some crayon fabric left over to make my shirt from the FIRST day of school.
 You can see that shirt HERE .
I'll definitely be making more clothing from a pattern.
It was really hard, but ya gotta try new things ya know?