Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cozy Comfy Dress

I wanted to escape the chill in the slowly approaching cold weather with a cozy outfit. I knew exactly what dress I was going to wear. 
Suuuuuuper comfy dress + Goodwill = $1.23 (my kinda price tag!)
However, this needed a little update. The dress weighed me down, literally and figuratively, so I chopped off some length at the bottom, and a bit on the sleeves. I was so excited to keep working on this dress so I could wear it! It was a thick fabric. Just the right thing to keep me warm.

Snippity Snip!

It was still too much fabric so I took in the sides of the dress. Unfortunately, I had to lose the pockets. That made me sad, but I got over it.
But, it fits much better, and did I mention, its soooo comfy!

I expected a little more style from Eddie. Oh well, I'll take care of that!

It had cute buttons, and the material is the softest heavy knit ever!
However, the neckline was too stifling, so I cut it off and sewed a new neck.
Say "cheese"!

Posing in the beautiful library.

Perfect for a chilly day.