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Art Teacher Dress #3 :The Crayola Dress

This is a pillowcase that I found for about $0.50 at Goodwill. It was half price day!
I knew that I didn't want the pillowcase, but that crayon patch was the BOMB!!!

I promptly plucked that patch from it's home on the pillowcase, and propelled it towards a new life!

Does anyone know where this could have come from?
It was hand sewn onto the pillowcase. It looks like it had a previous home attached to something else.

Someone took good care if it.

Here's the back in case you were interested.

I bought this strapless dress on half price day as well.
 I originally got it for the fabric, to make a scarf or tote bag.... but something spoke to me!
I knew what I had to do!

I set my machine for fancy stitch #14, and sewed that puppy on my green tube dress.
Off center, and asymmetrically of course! Who wants a crayola patch right in the center? 
Not this girl!

Sewed it on!!

The temperatures here are less than desirable, so in order to wear this to work I must do a bit of layering with a sweater and boots! Yay!

Here's a bit of attitude.

Check out that big ol' patch!

Warm and Art Teachery! 
The wind chill today is -2. 

Have a fantastic and warm day!!!

By the way: The sweater, dress, patch, and belt were all thrifted!
about $6.00!
Not too shabby!

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