Friday, August 22, 2014

Lisa's Sew Along with Cassie! Part ONE

My awesome teacher friend Cassie Stephens, has a great Art Teacher blog. She is an amazing artist, teacher, and she sews too! Cassie had this great idea to start a sew-along. Check out her amazingness at I will be sewing an art apron with her tutorials right along side her. This is my progress so far:
Cassie is all professional and stuff making a pattern for her apron, but I just went ahead and traced an existing one.
Trace and snip!

This Apron will end up being reversable!

My Grams gave me some amazing fabric, so I am putting it to use for this reversable apron.
Thanks Grams! I love you bunches!

Very patriotic.

Both sides cut.

My Grams gave me that electric blue fur fabric, and I thought it would be
 super awesome for a pocket. Who doesnt like furry pockets?
I had some of that cute kitty fabric left over from my teacher dress.
Check out my Art Teacher Dress HERE.

Cute Kitties!

Meow Meow!

Ok, I'll stop posting pictures of this insanely cute fabric.
Stay tuned for the completion of my Art Teacher Apron with the amazing Cassie!