Friday, August 14, 2015

Art Teacher Doodle Dress

I purchased this plain white cotton fabric thinking I wanted to print on it myself. Ya know, make a stamp and repeat a little bunny or something all over it but, then I thought why not let my students have at it? I'll let them create a unique one-of-a-kind fabric, and I'll wear THEIR art!!!
(I still might make some bunny fabric though.)

So off they go with some fabric markers....
...and go...

...and go...

...and go...

This was a great way to end the school year!
I cut out the fabric with one of my free patterns I pulled of the internet.

Snip, snip, cut, cut, sew, sew.
I followed the pattern instructions, and Voila!

One of a kind dress that showcases my students doodles and fun!

This dress sat in my sewing room for the summer, and I finally got around to putting it all together. 
I added some black fabric spray paint after it was all sewn together, just to add some pizzazz!

Now, it was all ready for my second day of school. What a way to start the year with wearing my students' artwork!!!
I love it!!

See you next time!