Sunday, April 16, 2017


My gal pals and I have had a tradition for a couple of years now, to scour some thrift stores and then have a nice dinner. We bask in the glory of our thrift scores, talk about everything, and enjoy each other's company! This time it involved delicious margaritas! Needless to say, it was a delightful time, and I'm so glad we have this tradition.

One of my thrift scores this year was this straw hat for $1.99

I love hats on a sunny day, and I love to wear my hair up and out of my way, but hats and buns usually don't go hand in hand.
 But, I think I figured out a solution!

Can't beat that price!

I just snipped a hole in the top of my new hat, and really that was it!
I wasn't too worried about the hat fraying, but if it does, I'll put a bit of clear nail polish on the edges. 
That should do the trick!

I'm ready for Spring, Summer, pool days, backyard name it!

I think we could get the "Bun Hat" to catch on! Maybe?

Now all we need is this nice weather to stay!!!
If you make a bun hat, I'd love to hear about and see your creation!

See you next time!