Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sweat Pants DIY Refashion

I have your typical wide leg 
ugly-sweatpants-that-you throw-on-30-seconds-after-you-get-home -from-work-pants. 
Oh c'mon, you know I'm not the only one that does this.....
Anyway, these pants needed a quick pick me up STAT!

These pants are too big, and bulky. I decided to give them some new life.

The first thing I did was put them on and I knew what I had to do!
I decided on a capri-type harem pant that I could lounge around in, clean the house, pay bills, pull weeds, work out....ok, probably just lounge around.

When I was wearing the pants, I made a small snip a couple inches higher than I wanted them to hit. 
I measured higher because I wanted to make cuffs from the leftover leg fabric.

Snippy snip!

These pants are super basic, and boring just as capris.
I decided to jazz them up a bit with a side stripe of ribbon I had in my stash.

I layed out the ribbon, cut a nice straight line, and literally glued it to the side seam.
I used fabric glue that can go in the wash.

I folded, trimmed, and sewed on the cuffs with cat fur and all....

And there you have it! Comfy cropped pants to lounge around in!

So comfy!

See you next time!