Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Don't Skirt the Issue

So here's a quick fix for a thrift store find:

I found this cute hippie looking skirt and thought I could wear it as is.
Cute right?

Well.................look a bit closer.............A STAIN!
After a good washing and another, I still couldn't get it out.
See it? Riiight in the middle of the photo.
I think it was rust. I'll never know.....
No fear, I knew just what to do....Dye!
I liked the black and tan feel of the skirt, but I wanted to cover that stain.
Brown it is.

Mmmm. Cocoa
Nice dark brown and black skirt! 
And no stain!!!!
Even, Juan the foreign exchange student thinks so! 
Thanks Juan!

 Much better!