Thursday, May 22, 2014

MUU MUU Flower Power

Remember the sneak peak I gave you on May 5th? It's a shapeless mess, but the print is awesome!

Lovely selfies, waaaaay too big muu muu, and a whole lotta sass!

I forgot to take pictures in the sewing process. I was just too excited about refashioning this thing! I hope you can forgive me, I will try to NOT let it happen again!

The neckline of this was huge, but I liked the tiny V detail in the front.
I cut the back of the neckline at the seams and separated the dress in two. I also cut off the sleeves.
The front part of the neck went around my neck with room to spare, so I put the back half of the neckline in the scrap pile.

I took a dress that fits me nicely, and traced that dress on the inside of the muu muu. I attached the back of the dress to my new neckline, sewed it up, and cut off the extra fabric.
I hemmed the bottom, and I was all set to wear it for my daughter's flower themed birthday party!
Ready to party!
                                                         Definitely an improvement!

I took the sleeves and scraps and I was even able to make my daughter a dress from the leftovers!!!!
                       Do you like the little rosettes? That was my daughter's favorite part.
                      She wouldn't let me photograph her with it on, but you get the idea!!