Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quick Shirt to Cardi Re-fash

I am really enjoying this whole refashion adventure I put myself on. I'm getting creative in ways I didn't know anything about.

Today, I got the urge to go shopping, but since the hubs and I are on a no-new-clothes- for-a-year-why-did-I-do-this challenge, I decided to take a long sleeve t shirt that I never wear, (It was too big, and just didn't look right) and turn it into a cardigan.

Super quick, and it satisfied my urge for something new.
Not a good look.

So I cut it right up the center and pinned the sides down.
A few spins of the machine....
Yay! I think I'll actually wear it now!

***If any of you find a truly magnificent "treasure" at your local thrift store, and want to see me re-work it and become part of my wardrobe, I'd love the challenge! 

Here's a sneek peek into the next fashion adventure:
Isn't it lovely?