Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shoulder Pad Spectacular PART 2

So many shoulder little time! Introducing Shoulder pad Spectacular take two!!!!
 Please leave a comment if you can think of something else I can make with this plethora of pads.

In my attempt to refashion my entire wardrobe, why not trickle down into the animal kingdom?
I decided to make some handy dandy cat toys. Yes, cat toys from shoulder pads!
I took said shoulder pad, folded it in half to create a triangle of sorts, and sewed up the length of  one side.
                                                                        Like this.

Then I flipped it right side out to hide the seam.
....and it looked like this.

I then, filled up the open end with some catnip,

 stuck a piece of ribbon sticking out, and sewed it all up in there. I even drew a little ear, eye ball dot, and whiskers with a sharpie. 

My cat Kevin LOVES his new toy!
Hi Kev!

But I didn't stop there. I decided to spread the wealth. I made a bunch of these padded mice, and My daughter and I hit the streets...
(Those are Kevin's feet, not a rabbit's.)

.........well we went  to Tails, animal shelter that is! My kid, Olivia had such a great time giving these new toys to needy kitties!

Great day helping at the shelter!!!

Go make some cat toys!
Remember: leave me a comment if you can think of something else to make with these pads! Thanks!!!