Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Bonnie Bag

This Lovely lady Bonnie gave me a box full of clothes to remake, or refashion into whatever my heart desired. I found this shirt/jacket in there, and fell in love with the print.
Jacket or a shirt?

Beautiful print! Thick linen material.

It had these nice deep pockets on the front. This sparked an idea. so I started my research.....
I think a bag in in order. so I searched a few free patterns on the web, and made my own bag pattern.

This is what I came up with.

First of come the sleeves. I used a seam ripper to gently pick them off.
(I saved the sleeves.)

Then I folded the shirt in half with the buttons down the front on the fold.
I put my pattern on top and cut.

Snip! I realized then and there that the negative space was similar to the shape I cut out! 

I trimmed up the second shape. It was just a little bit smaller, but that will work to my advantage!

this is what it looked like opened up. You will have 4 pieces like this.

I sewed them both up inside out, and  then turned them right side out.

Close up of the pocket, that started it all.....

I stuck the small one inside the larger one, sewed the handles together, 
and sewed the to bags together on the seams.

Voila! A bag!!!! ( And a Diva!)

It turned out to be an amazing hippie type bag with 3 sections and two outside pockets!
The front buttons go up the handle!!!