Monday, July 7, 2014

Pretty Pleats...(be gone)

My Family and I are still on this journey to NOT buy any new, off the rack clothing for a whole year. We are 3 months in, and I am saving a noticeable amount of cash, and we are helping the environment too. 
This is difficult. I like to shop. I love that new clothes smell when you walk in to a department store, or my favorite...Old Navy, but this is an experiment that I wanted to try. I wanted to test myself. I think it will, and has made me appreciate the clothes I do have, and wear them more. I have definitely been  more creative with outfits. I hope my new found creative outlet has given you some entertainment as well. 

I found this dress at a thrift store in Wisconsin. It was around $2.00, and I just loved the pleated skirt, but not for this decade.

Is this 80's or what?

Cool pleats though. Lots of 'em. 
Off they came with my trusted seam ripper. I'm sure this pleated perfection will make an appearance another time.
This is what it looked like de-pleated. It had two layers that were not the same length. so I trimmed them up.
I decided to make this into a top, but it needed some side vents. I'm not sure if they are called vents, but that's what I'm going with. 
Snip and sew, snip and sew.

I hemmed everything up, no thanks to my cat Kevin.

Kevin would not let me get my sewing done. He wanted some love, well, probably treats.

Final product ready for vacay!

Updated to this decade!