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Lady in Red! Oh yeah and THE COPS!

This red dress caught my eye at the thrift store. I was loving the print, and the fabric. The best part was, it was only a few bucks. However, my friends said it looks a bit Granny-ish as is.
This dress fits great, it's a classic, kinda dated style, but it is a ton of fabric, and I'm only 5'4"... We'll 5'3.5", and it's too much on my short legs!
 The shoulder pads had to come out!
Snip them out!
The shoulder pads have the hanger straps attached to them, and I will turn them into great cat toys!

The dress also had these ties on the back, which really didn't do anything for the dress. I felt like it was just one more thing to waste time while getting dressed, so off they went! Snippy snip!
Here they are!

7, 8...lay them straight....

Some of the length had to come off too.
 Snippy, snippy snip!
I hemmed the bottom with some matching red thread, and it was ready to go!

The perfect dress for a night with my book club!
Selfie in the dress.

I was the first arrival at my lovely friend Jan's house. She took my "after" picture in front of her awesome garden! Thanks Jan!

Lot's of excitement at book club! The cops were in the street behind Jan's house. 
Karen went incognito in her shades, while Virginia scoped it out!

They're coming for you Tara!

We hid in the dark hoping to catch a glimpse of the excitement.

It turns out, lightning struck a stop sign, then the hot metal sign must have detached and hit a car.
What are the chances! No one was hurt, thank goodness!

you can see my reflection in the window taking pictures of the ladies checking out the cops.
 I HAD to capture this moment!

Book club fun!

See ya next time! 

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