Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gold and Black Dress

     I scored this gold and black dress for $1.23 at the Goodwill 123 sale.
You just can't beat that price! The dress fit nicely, but it was UUUUUGGGLYY!

It came with a vest attached!

I saw this gold and black dress in a magazine, and its currently at Target via Altuzarra. I thought to myself..."Self, you can make something like that!" 
I was also inspired by the textures on Adele's long sleeved number.


I cut that weird vest off and sewed the neck together. I thought it would make a cute 'dress up' vest for my kid. I was right! She immediately busted some killer dance moves. My hubs even got in on the dance action.

My kids got the moves! 

The length of this dress was awkward, to say the least. A much needed trim was in order!
Snip! Trim!
Hem it up! 
This fabric is gauzy, stretchy, and very hard to work with.
 Sewing up that bottom hem took close to forever!

I took that bottom scrap and tied it around my waist for a belt. The fabric has some nice stretch to it, so it worked perfectly!
I added my vintage gold brooch, and gold hoop earrings to bring out the simple and sweet gold trim around the neckline

My daughter was my photographer, and we had fun!!
(I'm sure you like the background shot of my garage, and her chalk artwork)

I love this dress! It's flattering, and comfy! My two favorite things!