Monday, October 6, 2014

Green Skully Dress

My Grams sent me this beautiful chambray fabric, that I'm sure she rocked out back in the day. I had a considerable amount, so I decided to improve my sewing skills, and make a dress.
I found a pattern from  (Free of course) I'm not that skilled or confident enough to purchase a pattern yet. I'm still trying out the freebees. I'll buy one eventually, but I just have to work up the courage, and skills.

Here's what I came up with. I really like the top part of this dress. It looks like it has sleeves, but  I didn't have to sew an extra step onto the bodice. I was proud of my accomplishment! Not the best, but I am improving.

The dress seemed a bit too plain, so I decided to add a bit more flair and excitement.

I had this sweater vest that has been in my closet for 5 years or so. I haven't worn it in 2, but I love those skulls. I decided to chop it up and sew it to the dress.  I can still enjoy the print but give it a new life on a different piece of clothing!

Happy little skulls!

I used my pinking roller cutter thing, and cut out those green skullies.
There are 7 skulls. I like odd numbers. It's more aesthetically pleasing. 
Now I have to figure out where they should go on the dress. 

I started pinning the skulls. (I even tried a zipper!) My Grams also send me a bag of zippers! SCORE!

Pinned my skulls on the Back.

Pinned my skulls to the front.

I sewed them all on, and hemmed up the bottom.
Add some tights, boots, and a cardi. I'm all set for the temps these days.

Thanks for taking my "after" pics Julie!

Now you can see the whole dress. 


This dress cost me exactly $0. 
Fabric and zipper from Grams, Thread from Pinky, Sweater vest from closet.
I love skulls in October!