Monday, October 27, 2014

Wait....That bag is HOW MUCH?

My husband and I were meeting some besties (Kelly and Mike) for a lovely weekend lunch in the big city, and we decided to wander through Nordstrom since we were a bit early. I saw this cute clutch, and I thought "How adorable"!
I picked it up, saw the price, and almost threw it across the mall like it was a bag o' poo on fire!

I'll get to the price in one second....
So cute! It looks like an owl right? Or possibly a "Skecksie"

                                                      This is a"Skecksie". (The Dark Crystal)
                                                Ya Know Jim Henson!!! Puppets!! I love it!!

I digress......

It's a real live Fendi bag.
Can you see the price?

O.K.....lemme get closer

Can you see it now?

Uhhhhh... Skecksie say WHAT? 

I don't have that kinda dough to spend on a purse....though I love me some new bags!

If you have $2500.00 laying around, give it to me, and I'll make you a clutch even betttah! 

This Fendi sparked my creative drive, and now I was on a mission...
 but first a cool photo op, and yummy lunch!

Hey, Kenny, stand in this doorway...yes, that one...move a little to your left...a bit more... STOP!

My hubs in a cool doorway.

Alright, it's time for lunch!
The four of us went to Slurping Turtle.

Ceviche. Yes please. 
Or, "CeRviche" says Kelly and Mike! I love you two!

Croquettes....uh huh!

This....forgot the name....yummy.

Duck fat fried chicken...winner

Spicy Ramen! It just kept coming!!

Tuna Avocado YUM!

Red bean ice cream!

Black sesame ice cream!

Quail egg, coconut milk shooter.
Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves happy!
One of the best meals of my life!
After lunch we had to walk off some of that goodness!
Kenny found a cool fine arts building with personal art studios and awesomeness!
It was open to the public, so we decided to walk around and check out some cool art!

Eyeball flower.


O.K. Back to the purse......
I found a great peach colored vintage purse for $9.00.
I still had some of the pleather from THIS refashion.
so I hot glued it under the snap closure.

I  purchased some metallic fabric for $6.00. I purchased half of a yard, because it was really cool, and I'm sure I'll use it for something else. I traced the shape of the triangular flap, cut it out and hot glued the fabric to the purse. I probably used less than $1.50.

This is what it looks like so far... not too shabby...

I found some sparkly buttons from my bin-o-buttons.
I sewed them on for the eyeballs.

Look at those sparklers!

Sew on the eyeballs!
I sewed on the eyeballs.

I found a scrap of red leather, and some feathers, that I think will complete the bag nicely.
 Break out the  HOT GLUE!!!!

Glued on the detail.

I glued some feathers to scraps of the red leather, and then attached the scraps to the purse.

Do you see the problem? Or, rather my purse CAN'T see the problem!
The feathers cover up those peepers completely!

So, off they came.....and back on they went.

Fendi clutch = $2, 450.00

Lisa's clutch= $10.50

Which price do you prefer?

Purse- 9.00 Vintage
 Silver Fabric- $1.50 if that.
  Miscelaneous items- Free

That's a better deal! And, I made it myself!