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90's T-shirt Dress

I found this thick, soft, and comfy awkward dress at my favorite Goodwill for a three dollars.
 It was half price day. YAY!
Anyone else think these pockets are placed...uh..strategically? 

Thanks for takin' my picture babe! My kid rules!
Do you like the black socks?

Here's a close up of the weird pockets.

Those pockets gotta go!
I picked them off with my trusty seam ripper!
Look closely to see the cool flowery print.

Bye Pockets!

I asked my daughter what else I should do to this dress. She promptly replied, "Momma, you should dye it violet." being an art teacher and all, I was so impressed that she said violet and not purple, so how could I refuse. "That is a fantastic idea Olivia." I told her.

So, I dyed it violet.

Remember the print you had to look really closely to see? Well, the best thing happened....
When I dyed it, the print didn't take the dye, and it just popped right off the fabric!
I love when stuff like this happens!

Check out how cool this turned out!


I think it turned out pretty nice!

I didn't like how high the neckline was, so I ripped off the two top buttons, and sewed up a V neck.

No more buttons!

I sat on the couch, and watched "Sofia the First" with my daughter, and ripped off the buttons.

The silly tie thingies on the back of the dress serve no purpose either, so off they came!!!
Rip! Rip! Rip!

I decided not to take any length off the bottom,
 because I liked the way it looked with boots for the fall.
I think this will work nicely for the spring too!

Not too shabby for $3.00 and a box of dye!
Thanks Tara, for takin' my pic in the lovely library!
Read a book everybody!

Awesome and warm for fall with boots and a cardi, but versatile in the spring with flip flops!


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