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Dia de Los Muer-nksgiving!

Look at this awesome fabric!
Folklorico Cartas Marcadas Brite
Check out the website where I bought it HERE

 It's just perfect for a Dia De Los Muertos dress! It's going to be perfect! I'm so glad I bought it in August, so I will have plenty of time to create and wear it before Halloween! 
(Can you hear the sarcasm)
.....time just slipped away....... 

I was still going to make the fabric into dress, because I just loved it so!!!!
  I decided to buy a pattern. A real pattern online!
 A printable file that I had to put together, and decipher all by myself!

 I put my mind to it and decided to go for it!
I found one that I liked on 
You can check it out HERE

I originally wanted to make it with long sleeves,  but I didn't have enough fabric.
Shorties will have to do!

I kept putting it on and taking  it off to try to get the best fit. This was a long process.
Too big in the shoulders, too long in the torso, and I had to veer away from the pattern slightly, because I have no idea how to go about fixing the "too big shoulder situation" without having to take off the sleeves and put them back on again. 

Adjustment here, adjustment there...

here a pin, there a pin, everywhere a pin pin.
I just can't get over how awesome this fabric is!
Or, how awesome my thanksgiving was!

Turkey! Yummy!

I wore the dress a month late, but I got so many compliments last night that it was worth the procrastination! 


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