Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fishy Flower Print Dress

This thrifted number was calling to me. I'm not sure why it called to me, but I don't question my inner voice anymore. So I bought it for $2.00

Fishy flower

This summery dress has thick knit fabric with a tiny bit of stretch. I'm holding it, because it was a tad bit tight.

I'm strangely attracted to this print.

When I mentioned that the fabric had a bit of stretch I wasn't talking about the empire waistline. It had NO STRETCH WHATSOEVER!!!! When I had it on it felt like it was strangling me!

I thought this would be more dramatic in black and white.

No stretch!

I knew what to do. First, I chopped the dress right at that no-stretch empire seam!

I noticed two big side slits at the bottom, which leads me to believe that in a past life this dress was a pool cover-up or something? But the fabric is thick...very curious.

I chopped off the seam that was causing all my anti-stretch problems!
I swear you could tow a car with this thing!
Goodbye "rope" seam.

I turned the skirt part inside out and layed it flat.

Then, I put the top part of the dress right side out, inside the skirt, with the cut side lining up with the top of the cut side of the skirt. Get it?

Like this.

I pinned it all together, gathering the extra fabric in a pleated fashion, and stretching as I pinned.

It fit much better! I could breathe now!

I didn't like how much it reminded me of warm weather since the ground is frozen solid here! I wanted to wear it now!

What to do....what to do......

So I dyed it!
Dark Green, and a bit of Cardinal red.
Complimentary colors mixed together make.......BROWN!!!!- ISH
It's earthy, It's winter, It's perfect!

I cut off the bottom just a bit, but I left some of the side vents, and hemmed it up.
I took the extra fabric from the bottom and made a perfectly matching infinity scarf to wear in this chilly weather.

Dramatic in my art room

Yes, I'm hamming it up a bit....

Gotta love pockets!!!
See you next time!!