Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sweatshirt to Cardigan

This one's a long one....

I found a white sweatshirt at the local thrift store. It was brand new. It still had the sticker down the front. You know, the kind with the size on it that repeats all the way down.




Like that  ^                
It was just too plain to leave alone. I needed to rescue it from it's drab lifestyle, and turn it into something cool and artsy.
I decided to tie the sleeves in knots, and dye it blue.

Sleeve knot torture above.

This is how it came out.

Seems like your everyday run of the mill tie-dye top.
 Better, but still too boring.

I knotted the sleeves back up, and poured some taupe, and red wine dye in various places.
It definitely needed MORE COLORS!
That's better.

 I cut it up the front, and off center because I wanted the closure to be asymmetrical.


I put the sweatshirt on, and I marked little X's where my elbows were.

I'm getting ready to put on some sweet elbow patches!!!

Little "X" marks the spot!

I had some dark denim fabric from my Grams, and some iron-on sheets. You can get the iron-on paper at your local fabric or craft store. They are not too expensive, and I think its worth it.

 I put the fabric on the sticky side of the iron on transfer, and then cut out my heart shapes.

I "heart" you!

I then, peeled off the existing layer, and ironed them over the "X" that 
I made on the elbows to perfectly place my elbow pads,

I pinned a strip of  red ribbing all around edge of the sweatshirt.
 I stretched the sweatshirt, and pinned the ribbing as I stretched. 

It ended up looking like this.

It took almost an hour to sew the ribbing on, but it was worth it!
 I wanted to make sure I sewed it on slow and steady.

Here is a close up of the neckline.
I think it turned out pretty cool.

I need to fasten the newly refashioned cardigan somehow, so I sewed on a big ol' snap. (Actually I sewed on 2 snaps!)


To hide the unsightly stiches from the snaps, I sewed on some buttons.

Like this...

And like this...

And one extra button to make it look more finished.

It was perfect to wear to a movie and some
 Chinese food on Christmas day with my cute little family!

My ribbon dancer decided to photo bomb!

Showing off the elbow patches!

Happy Holidays everyone!

See you next time!