Thursday, December 4, 2014

Floral Frock: Two Projects- One Dress!

 Look at this floral beauty I found! It's warm, cozy, and screaming for a makeover! I want a cute dress to wear that's warm and cozy (I'm all about comfy) and I think this will be perfect!

Are those shoulder pads or pillows?
Cheesin' for the camera!

I took out those huge pads! They were really thick!

I decided the print was too pretty to waste those pads, so I decided to make a little jewelry pouch.
I sewed them together with the flat side still open.

I flipped it right side out.
I sewed on a button, and the hanger strap for a closure.

All sewed on, and ready to protect some jewelry.

Update: This pouch never made it to my jewelry box. My daughter claimed it as her own, and it has disappeared into the abyss of a 4 year old's room!

O.K. back to the dress:
It was too long so I snipped off the bottom heavy flannel flowers. 
(Say that 5 times fast)
Bottom heavy flannel flowers
 Bottom heavy flannel flowers 
Bottom heavy flannel flowers
Bottom  heavy flannel flowers
Bottom heavy flannel flowers

 I hemmed up the bottom.
The bottom scrap will definitely be put to good use somewhere else!

Now I'm ready to go to work! 
Warm and cozy!
Do you like my mudroom? (It's got better lighting.)
 I wanted to take a picture outside, but,
 1. It's freezing out there!
 2. It's still dark out when I have to leave for work in the morning.

I rolled up the sleeves a bit, threw on a belt and boots.
Now I'm ready to teach some high schoolers!

All done!

See you next time!!!