Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Frumpy to Fabulous Red

My girlfriend Tara and I went to our local thrift store yesterday to check out the latest frocks, and I found this red number. It had my top three checklist items.
No stains.
I also like fun prints but  I was in the market for a staple in my closet.

This dress just wouldn't do.

First things first. 
Snip out those shoulder pads.

Q:Will I EVER wear shoulder pads?
A: When pigs fly!!!!

It must have originally had a belt, but alas, no belt with it.

I know just the fix.

Built in belt loops already in place!

I wanted to wear it to work today, so last night after my 4 year old's bed time, I got to work.
I snipped off about 4 inches or so from the bottom.
 I used that bottom scrap as a belt! (It already had the loops)
I hemmed it all up, and it was ready to go!

No more Frump!

P.S. In April will be a whole year that I have not purchased off the rack clothing. I feel really good about saving money, and going a little greener. I might just continue this. 
By the way: I started Grad School, as well as teaching, being a mom, & wife, so I think the saving money thing will be beneficial, "dontcha" think?