Monday, January 26, 2015

Purple Dress Pulled Out Of The Closet

I love vintage dresses! I've had this dress in my closet for a couple years now, and worn it a handful of times, but it just wasn't the best it could be. I thought, "Why not look to my closet to make my existing clothes better?" Now that I have been sewing for 9 months now, I knew I could handle this mini-refashion

Cute dress, just a bit too long. I love the chevron detail on the front.
I rolled the hem up twice, pinned it and sewed my new hem.
Much more flattering!

I paired it with a complementary color scarf, a belt that Grams gave me, some leggings and boots, and I was ready to go!

Not a huge change, but more flattering to say the least!

See you next time!